I'm assuming you've found this website through a mixture of curiosity and interest in my books: so hello, you are very welcome and I hope it contains what you're looking for. There is information here about all my novels plus a couple of examples of non-fiction pieces I've written as well.

If I'm a bit slow with the updating, I apologise - I know, I Must Try Harder. Also, I don't (so far) have a blog but I DO faff about on Facebook and I witter on Twitter quite a lot (and no, of course it's not time-wasting. Honestly...) So if you want keep up with my odd ramblings and rantings those are probably the places to go to.

Contact (preferably friendly) via info@judyastley.com is highly welcome. Writing is essentially a solitary job and - regardless of evidence from sales figures - you sometimes wonder if there is anybody out there. Any positive feedback is therefore received with ludicrously excessive gratitude.